Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Makeup Revolution & MUA: £1 Lip Swatches

I recently had to order replacement toothbrush heads, exciting I know (!) and while doing so, I thought I'd check out the makeup. As you know, I'm a big beauty buff, but rarely manage to wear makeup these days, though I have maintained my usual skin and body care routines. For the past year, I've been aiming to wear makeup on the rare occasions I do leave the house and am starting to buy makeup again. It seemed so wasteful when I was very ill, to buy stuff I'd never get the chance to use at the time. It's an area I'm still hugely interested in though, so I've been keeping an eye on new releases (GWP's are still my ultimate weakness), but I'd say I've been spending more on skincare and less on makeup, when it used to be the other way around. I'm also keen to get back into blogging regularly about beauty and hope this is something you'll be interested in seeing here. So back to the toothbrush head order and I saw it was 3 for 2 on makeup with these lipsticks priced at £1 each. It was such a bargain, I was able to order guilt-free! I partly ordered these as an inexpensive treat and partly out of curiosity for blogging purposes! mua and makeup revolution nude lip swatches Naturally I gravitated towards the nude colours and for the third item, I picked up a lip liner, as it was also £1. Both Makeup Revolution and Makeup Academy, have really made names for themselves with trendy, quality but affordable items and I was genuinely interested to see how they fared.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Irregular Choice Disney: Chip n Dale Purse

irregular choice disney chip n dale purse and matching shoe
Hi gang, I have another review for you today from the Irregular Choice Mickey & Friends collection. Right off the bat, I wanted the Chip n Dale handbag. Pre-release it was probably my favourite thing from the whole range (yep, even over the shoes), so it made sense if I was to get that, I'd need the matching coin purse too. Well, not need need, but you know what I mean!  Add to that the fact, my Sherbet Ice Cream heels were made from the same floral fabric, this triple combo could complete my life! The day of the launch for me, wasn't a good one. I spoke in my previous post about the hospital ringing right beforehand, telling me my surgery was scheduled for the next week. To be honest, I put that to one side to concentrate on the shoes, because I'd been gearing up for this for months! I was home alone (might just be me, but I like someone there to stress with, I like to share that emotion!), however it was the online queue system that really failed for me.


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